BitTaxer - Cryptocurrency Tax Software

Easy Virtual Currency Tax Software

Quickly and easily calculate your income, deductions, capital gains and losses from virtual currency trades. Simply import your transactions, let BitTaxer work its magic, then export and attach to your tax return. Put away all those spreadsheets and get back to doing what you love.

Done In Minutes, Not Hours

Quit wasting time tracking the cost basis of every Virtual Currency you buy and sell throughout the year. BitTaxer does your calculations instantly.

100% Compliant

No more stress about the risk of audit for non-inclusion of crypto gains and losses. BitTaxer is guaranteed accurate and 100% compliant, every time.

Integrates With Top Tax Software

Once BitTaxer has magically calculated the cost basis of all your transactions, instantly export to 8949, Worksheet, or CSV, and into TurboTax and TaxAct.

Easily import your trade histories, spending, and income from transactions and mining. Our exchange APIs and import tools make this a snap!

Answer a few simple questions, and watch BitTaxer crunch the numbers, classify transactions, and calculate your capital gains and losses.

In seconds, your reports will be ready to attach to your return or export to your favorite tax software.